Welcome to Kenton & Southall Tuition Centres

In recent times it has become obvious that relying on schools to provide your child with the necessary education to achieve their goals is simply not enough.
More and more parents are now using private tutors or tuition centres as a means to ensure examination success or to improve understanding of a particular subject. The personalized aspect of private tuition is a key benefit in increasing understanding in specific subject areas.
At Kenton and Southall Tuition Centres, we provide high quality, focused tuition to help pupils gain confidence and self-esteem and reach their potential. In addition to helping pupils overcome their difficulties, we also focus on developing good study techniques to maximise their performance.
Too often students are given answers to remember, rather than problems to solve. Our highly qualified and experienced tutors at our Kenton and Southall branches aim to provide a supportive environment to help pupils strengthen their understanding and knowledge. In today’s modern world, students are facing increasing pressure to perform well in their studies. We are totally dedicated and committed to inspiring students to reach their full potential.
Kenton and Southall Tuition Centres offer both one-to-one and group lessons and cater for individual needs by understanding a students requirements and requests.
We encourage feedback from students to ensure their needs are fully met and to enable them to excel in areas in which they require additional support.
Registration for tuition is FREE. To discuss your children’s needs further please contact us or submit an enquiry form.